Fetlock/Brushing Hind Boot
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Outer Construction: 
These fetlock boots feature an outer shell made from German grade BASF TPU. 
Designed to withstand the rigors of riding while remaining flexible and move with a horse's natural movement. 
The Majyk Equipe Fetlock boot has a superior Dual-Density construction, made so that each part of the boot is specifically designed for its purpose. 
The outer part of the boot is made to a consistency designed for softness and comfort around the horse’s leg. 
Meanwhile the strike guard area is carefully engineered in a harder material so that the raised outer core is strengthened to repel impact 
while the inner core is slightly softer to flex with the horse's tendons. USA brand Velcro® closures are double stitched for easy grip and durability. 
Inner Construction: 

Inside the strike guard is a secondary defense system. Utilizing Majyk’s proprietary ARTi-LAGE dilatant material, 
the inner strike guard presents a soft structure during normal exercise. 
When impact is detected, the molecules inside the material change composition, hardening to form a protective barrier and deflecting energy away 
from the point of impact. The inner liner is made from an eco-friendly non-neoprene bio foam. 
The foam's composition is soft to the touch with enough traction to help prevent the boot slipping. 
The foam is naturally breathable but has additional perforations to help heat management. Its anti fungal and hypo allergenic properties 
make this the perfect choice for the sensitive horse. Please note that this boot also meets all the stringent regulations for Young Horse compliance.

 • BASF TPU Flexible Outer Shell with dual density hardness 
 • Dual Density Outer Strike Guard Protects Tendons 
 • Inner Strike Guard Featuring proprietary ARTi-LAGE dilitant material 
 • Lightweight breathable Non-Neoprene Bio Foam Liner 
 • Double Stitched Binding and Finishing 
 • USA Velcro® brand Long Straps for Custom Adjustment 
Sold as a Pair 
 Should fit horses between 15.3 and 16.3 hands. For exact sizing Please visit the Fit Your Horse Page on our web site.
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Fetlock/Brushing Hind Boot

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